The Team

Richard Asprey – Rider 77

Richard Asprey is a native Londoner who moved to Texas in 2001. He’s been riding motorbikes since he bought his first bike at age 15; a used Garelli Tiger Cross 50cc 2-stroke.The little Garelli was still his daily rider when he started working for Lloyd’s of London.

Since selling his business a few years ago, Richard has become an avid motorcycle collector, and an even more avid rider.

He is the current president of the North Texas Norton Owners Association (NTNOA), and is also a member of the Lone Star Section of the Vincent Owners Club, the Southern California Norton Owners Club, and Peckerhead Motorcycle Racing.

Richard will be piloting a 1915 Norton Model 16TT (Norton Code Name: Tourist),The twelfth oldest known Norton. He bought the bike in February 2015 from Joe Seifert of Norton Motors ( Initially the rare bike wasn’t for sale, but Joe was intrigued with Richard’s plans to ride it in the Cannonball Run, and kindly allowed him to purchase the Norton.

Richard 1915 Norton 16TT

Richard rode the Model 16TT in the 2016 Cannonball Century Race finishing 22nd, on the only Norton entered in the race.

For 2018, Richard will be bringing Team Norton. He’ll ride the 1915 Norton Model 16TT again, while friends ride two more flat tank Nortons – a 1923 Model 16H and a 1925 Big Four.

Keith Martin – Rider 116

A Sears 5HP mini bike at age 7 inspired Keith Martin’s lifelong love of motorcycles. He’s never been without one since. The owner of Big D Cycle in Dallas, Texas, says that he feels lucky to have been involved in the motorcycle business for 30 years as a dealer, racer, mechanic and restorer.

In 1987 Keith went to work for AMA hall-of-famer and renowned Triumph tuner, Jack Wilson. Working for Wilson, Keith learned to do the very best job he could on every bike he worked on.

Martin has participated in nearly every form of motorcycle competition including road racing, drag racing, land speed racing at Bonneville, and the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb. He is excited to ride in his first Motorcycle Cannonball. However, Keith is no stranger to the race.

For 2016 Cannonball Century Race Keith prepared Richard Asprey’s 1915 Norton Model 16TT. Then he went along on the race as Richard’s crew chief. Martin says, “My first Cannonball was one of the best events I have ever been involved with. To be surrounded by real motorcycle people 24/7 for 16 days was truly magnificent.”

He’s preparing three flat tank Nortons for 2018, and he’ll be riding one of them as part of Team Norton.

Keith gives credit for the success and fun he’s enjoyed in his motorcycle adventures to his wife Alyssa. He says, “Without her I couldn’t do what I do.” Keith is looking forward to seeing his new friends again in 2018, and meeting more real motorcycle people.

Chris Parry – Rider 115

Chris Parry was born in Northern Rhodesia, which, shortly thereafter, gained its independence from Britain and became Zambia. He believes these two events may or may not be linked. His childhood automotive memories are inextricably linked with Land Rovers and step-through Hondas. After his family moved back to the UK, Chris bought a Yamaha FS1E 50cc moped at 16 and was promptly knocked off by a banker in a white Jaguar. But the stage was already set for an abiding interest in all things two wheeled. Bankers… not so much.

After moving to Texas, Chris joined the North Texas Norton Owners Association (NTNOA) – a club dedicated to the preservation and use of British and European classic and vintage motorcycles. Chris has served as the club’s Vice-President and President. He acquired a 1979 Bonneville and a 1978 step-through Honda. He also owns a couple of modern sport bikes.

Chris enjoys track days, and especially road trips around the US with his wife Monica, and his mates in the NTNOA. Chris sees the opportunity to participate in the Motorcycle Cannonball as a Team Norton rider to be both hugely exciting and a bit unnerving. Either way, it will be a big one off his bucket list.

Ryan Ambrose – Mechanic/Support Crew

Ryan is an accomplished racing motorcyclist and mechanic – with championships in CMRA, AHRMA and AMA Vintage.

Ryan has worked at Big D for 14 years and just finished a personal project – a Triumph TR5T.

Ryan is Vice-President of the NTNOA meaning he does all the work that Richard as President is supposed to do.


Scott “Grady” Aday – Mechanic/Support Crew

Grady has been with Big D for many years – and aside from working on the Flattanks – has derived great enjoyment from working on several Vincents including frame-up rebuilds.

Alton Gillespie – Driver/Support Crew

Alton is a member of the Pinstriping Hall of Fame – and is well known wherever paint and pretty much anything powered by the internal combustion engine come together. He has had more than a passing acquaintance with luminaries such as Von Dutch and Willie G. He likes nothing better than being asked to drive a truck and trailer across America – taking in the landscape.

Mark Zenor – Driver/Mechanic/Support Crew

16486845_182649488885074_7236655557094847251_oMark is a committed Norton enthusiast. Recently retired from the aerospace industry – he is now self-employed – and repairs and restores Nortons in Washington State.

Mark is the VP of the NorthWest Norton Owners Club based in Seattle – and he was the Co-Chair of the Tall Timber INOA Rally held in Elma WA this July.

Felix Reina – Gofer/Support Crew

Felix – Grady’s nephew – has worked his way onto the team roster through a combination of hard work and bluff. He will be tested!

Reid Schulze – Driver/Mechanic/Support Crew

Reid is a long time member of the NTNOA – and a veteran of many of our road trips. The howl of the 6-into-1 of his 1978 CBX is legendary in the Club. He can turn his hand to pretty much anything.

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