The Motorcycle Cannonball

You can read all about the history of this phenomenal event here, and see the Organising Team Members who work so hard to put this together……

About the Cannonball

Run every two years – Richard participated in the 2016 Event – from Atlantic City NJ to Carlsbad CA – and had such a tremendous time he thought he’d do it again.  In 2018 he inaugurated Team Norton which fielded two more bikes, ridden by his friends Chris Parry, and Keith Martin. Keith is the owner and proprietor of Big D Cycle – who undertook the work to build and prep the bikes.  The route was from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon and covered some 3,674 miles.

Jason, LeeAnn and his Cannonball team have now organised an even greater challenge – to ride from the Canadian border in the Michigan Upper Peninsula to the East Coast and then back inland and across Texas to the Mexican Border  by South Padre Island.  The distance is some 3,700 miles and Stage 1 is on Friday 10 September and the final stage is on Sunday 26 September. There is one rest day in Tennessee.

Riders know each night’s destination along the Cannonball itinerary – but not the detailed route. Each morning they receive detailed “maps” which are actually turn-by-turn instructions printed on a paper roll which go in a map box mounted on each bike. Checkpoints occur along each stage to ensure the route is followed and there is a limited time to successfully complete each stage. The average daily distance is about 270 miles. Support vehicles follow a different, more direct route to the stage destination, and cannot help riders on stages.

This means that time is not on our side – so pace and reliability, not to mention map-reading skills will be key.

There is an official truck and trailer which follows the riders’ route to pick up any riders that cannot finish the stage – known darkly to the riders as the Grim Sweeper.

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