Road Test is a success

We started in 80F temps so it was very pleasant riding around the Southlake back roads. All the bikes are performing well.

We made several loops and then back to the house for a systems check. Then out again for another ride.

Riding impressions…… my ’23 is now running an iron piston (as are the other two) and it runs so much stronger as a result. It’s perfectly happy at mid-forties and I even saw 52.7mph on the GPS one time.

In the high 40’s it develops a weave that threatens an incipient wobble – but moving back slightly off the saddle onto the storage box smooths it out. Inputs need to be very light and precise and – with the long wheelbase – it’s all about counter-steering. It’s lovely spinning along at a steady lope and taking in the scenery.

You have to plan ahead since the brakes are period correct and use both for effective retardation. Judicious engine braking is your friend.

The throttle lever is now second nature and the hand gear change is crisp and precise. Big D have done a fabulous job on the bikes.

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