Trailer Preparation

The trailer is looking really good!  Ryan and the guys really got a tremendous amount of work done.

The cabinets and gas bottle enclosure are welded in place, the parts washer mounted in a pull out drawer, fold-down table tops attached to side and door, and both the counter tops and floor are stained and sealed.  The mill/lathe weighs about 500lbs – going to be fun mounting that!

Road test is planned for next weekend.   Some pics are below but here’s also a link to a Google Album with all the pics…..

Cannonball Trailer Preparation





Shop Trailer

The chaps at Big D made space and pulled the new trailer into the building to take advantage of the AC. It was just too damn hot in the storage area.

The trailer was already plumbed for compressed air, electric and lighting. Now the main work-bench is installed and the new wall cabinets are ready to be welded on. A brand new mill lathe will go on – along with a welder. With any luck we won’t need them but you never know – and Richard wants to make sure we can help out our fellow entrants if needed.

The trailer is the heavy duty model with steel stringers and walls. Once it is loaded up it will be a pretty hefty load to tow.

We will have another trailer with EZ-Ups, coolers, chairs, pit bikes, cocktails, beverages, the kitchen sink. etc.

Road Test is a success

We started in 80F temps so it was very pleasant riding around the Southlake back roads. All the bikes are performing well.

We made several loops and then back to the house for a systems check. Then out again for another ride.

Riding impressions…… my ’23 is now running an iron piston (as are the other two) and it runs so much stronger as a result. It’s perfectly happy at mid-forties and I even saw 52.7mph on the GPS one time.

In the high 40’s it develops a weave that threatens an incipient wobble – but moving back slightly off the saddle onto the storage box smooths it out. Inputs need to be very light and precise and – with the long wheelbase – it’s all about counter-steering. It’s lovely spinning along at a steady lope and taking in the scenery.

You have to plan ahead since the brakes are period correct and use both for effective retardation. Judicious engine braking is your friend.

The throttle lever is now second nature and the hand gear change is crisp and precise. Big D have done a fabulous job on the bikes.

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