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Well I didn’t have time to blog Stage 3 yesterday, as a friend visited me at the hosted event and then I actually had to do a bit of work (work work not work in the pits I’m afraid).

Dawn in Battle Creek
Bikes gather for the start

Anyway it was relatively cool at about 63F/17C as we left Battle Creek to do the 253 mile route to Dayton. It was a lovely spin through the country side – some nice little towns although don’t ask me their names.

We crossed out of Michigan into Ohio and it gradually flattened out. I said it before in 2018 and I’ll say it again: in these parts there’s corn…. a lot of corn. I mean a LOT.

Occasionally a farmer will be daring and grown soybeans just to be different, to be a rebel – OK I made that up. Regardless of crop, the fields are just huge (as are the harvesters – literally the size of a small house).

Evening in Dayton – oil is drained and checked
1914 Harley

Today – Stage 4 – we left Dayton in similar temps – so we ran strong in the morning – these bikes love cool air. For a while we ran on 327 – a lovely little road on Ohio – but the last 80 miles were pretty horrible – a mix of four lane highway and busy two lane. It’s not much fun riding at 35-45mph and having semi’s (juggernauts) blast past at 65-70.

But the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers probably create pinch points on route options – mighty rivers both.

Anyway we made it to our hosted stop at a Harley dealership in South Charleston. This is a chance for folks to check out the bikes and we get a lot of interest. Some of the stops attract hundreds of people – and we are treated very nicely. We get fed but we are on the clock in a manner of speaking – so no celebratory beer until we reach the pits at the hotel.

The Nortons get a lot of attention at these stop – they’re such attractive machines in silver and black – and look quite different to their larger American brethren. It’s fun at fuel stops – when they ask where we are headed, we casually tell them the Mexican border via the East Coast

Evening in Charleston WV

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