Team Norton completes Stage 2

We were blessed all day with great weather. Cool temps to start, bright sunshine and lovely scenery. The road out of Traverse City was nothing to speak of, but we then branched off into back roads and pretty much stayed that way.

The stage was 253 miles to be achieved in just under 10 hours and so we had a decent cushion. But it’s funny how that cushion can be eroded by little nadgery events – slow traffic through towns, occasional holdups, a bit of carb trouble, hard starting after a fuel stop, all the rigmarole that riding 100 year old motorcycles can entail.

But we rolled through gentle country side, the occasional woods, farms, and little towns. Red barns are a scenic favorite of mine – especially after reading that the pigments in the paint that cover them come from long dead stars – and we saw plenty.

Lunch was a granola bar while filling up – but the finish line was the Harley Dealership in Battle Creek and they laid on a very decent spread for the riders. There was a huge crowd – yet again I forgot to press record on my go pro. Twit. I’m hoping the crew got some of us arriving.

Ryan – our crew chief – always meets us at the finish line and takes down a list of of anything we report – regarding the performance of the bikes. Then they’ll work on the bikes until late in the evening – fixing problems and prepping for the next day. It’s a reminder that the bikes really belong to the crew and we the riders are only along for the ride.

Ready for tomorrow – tools and spares on the top box, consumables on the little black tool box on top, and two fuel bottles for emergencies. The back box is actually an auxiliary fuel tank.

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