Stage 1 achieved!

The four Silver Nortons took Stage 1 in their stride, with a good cushion of time to boot. We left the hotel at approx 730am to stage at the official starting point at the Valley Camp ship museum in Soo.

Didn’t realize they were still snapping 😀

We were waved off slightly early – Richard in Class I (single cylinder over 100 years old) went ahead of Stewart, Keith and me. We are in Class IV by dint of the fact our bikes are between 90 and 100 yrs old. It was actually foggy when we left but the day developed into glorious weather.

We met up with Richard before crossing the Mackinac Bridge – I hope I have some gopro footage of that. It was a bit intrepid as roadworks pushed us into the lane that is not asphalt or concrete but steel grid work so you can see the lake waters hundreds of feet below. But the view wasn’t the problem – it was the steel seemed designed to make narrow-tyred bikes as squirrelly as possible. I was bloody glad to get back onto blacktop.

Aside from the Bridge you can see the map reader box

Another highlight was the Tunnel of Trees – a narrow road that skirts Lake Michigan – fun to ride and very scenic. You really get a sense of just how big the Lakes are.

We are now socializing at Hagerty Insurance HQ before going to the hotel – I must have a word about my motorcycle premium.

One hazard of hosting the Cannonballers – they love to mark their territory.

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