Stage 12 – Epic ride thru Glacier NP

Probably the scenic highlight of the trip so far. Incredible sights and great fun – the three of us made it to Kalispell with time to spare.

We dressed for the cold and wet – lots of layers and technical gear. We were off under a leaden overcast in mid-forty temps (5-7C) and it was nearly two hours – beyond Choteau – when we were on a high plateau that the sun finally hit us among huge fields of hay. In the distance we could see a wall of mountains – the Rockies and the Great Continental Divide.

We spent our morning flying down great slopes and then lying prone as we climbed the opposite side. We ate a quick lunch in Browning and then set off on the rising road across the Glacier National Park called the Going to the Sun Road. We pushed against a heavy head wind – with occasional drops to second gear and then found it easier as we got between the mountains and alongside the lakes.

The scenery was magnificent – and as we steadily gained altitude towards Logan Pass – it became breathtaking. But no time to stop – we needed to maintain a safety margin of time in case of problems.

The west side of the pass is even more incredible than the east – and now we switched to engine braking as we descended a few thousand feet in golden sunshine but with light rain from high clouds. This is definitely a bucket list road to take.

As we came off the mountains, rain set in for sure – even becoming heavy at times. As we neared Kalispell the sun came out and we rode into town in the dry. Of all the stages – this one has tired me the most – probably because of the focus needed over the mountains and then the wet ride at the end. But we made it comfortably and all is good.



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