Glacier Road open

From the riders email this am……

As of yesterday the National Park System has opened The Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park, if the weather permits we will be going over it. Please note that this is a very very challenging road, with Steeper inclines and steep drop offs with out much high safety ledges and very narrow roads.  if you take your time, be safe, and the roads are good it will be an experience.  If you have bad brakes a bike that is failing mechanically  and are afraid of heights i would not advise taking the road.

We are giving the option for riders to bypass this road if they wish, there is an alternative route that riders can take.  If you take the alternate road you will receive 12 less miles for the course

“Hmmm…. I’ll take the 12 points loss” said no Cannonballer ever!


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