Silver Nortons take Stage 10

Fabulous ride today. Started in cool dry temps at 7am sharp. Foolishly I’d read the morning text from Cannonball Control as low 60 and high 70 instead of a high between 60-70. Consequently I rather underdressed. So once under way I was thinking “blimey it’s a bit parky” and looked at the Odometer which said 46F (8C) and thought “oh”.

But no worries – it soon warmed up to ideal temps and the scenery was great. As we moved into Montana the hills had a dusting of evergreens but in the lees and folds – following the numerous creeks – were deciduous trees that were already showing autumn colours. Then – as we neared Billings it reverted back to the brown rolling hills with very few trees.

The bikes ran steady all day – they love the cool air and consequently we run faster in the morning and then dial it back in the afternoon. I over-oiled again but hey – it’s better than under-oiling.

Coming over the hills into Billings – we went through some nice downhill sweepers. Managed it through judicious throttle control although we smelt some very hot brakes from the bikes in front!

For once I remembered to video our arrival but we’d arrived really early – nearly 90 minutes – and the crowds hadn’t arrived. So the footage is not very impressive. However the parking lot of the Billings HD dealership was milling before long.

On the way we passed through Crow Country – within half a mile of the Battle of Little Bighorn – and a very polite young Crow greeted us as we fueled up our bikes. He said how welcome we were to Crow Country and to be sure and have a good time, and mention our visit on any social media we used. So I am glad to do exactly that right here and now.

Pics and videos follow…..

God and Mammon…..

This is using a Quik app which does stuff to your vid and then sets it to music. So don’t blame me….

UPDATE: doesn’t look like WordPress and Gopro Quik hosting play nicely together….  you can still see the video here – for what it’s worth:

These are the videos that Quik used to make the one above…..

(Click on the videos to get sound – why you should have to that I do not know)

Full tally of Ace Stickers went on the bike today. We’ll get Stage 10 stickers tomorrow after official results.

Some nicely polished helmets…..


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