Stage Four Completed….

And all is good. The Silver Nortons ran really well – this was the longest stage completed at 273 miles – we made three fueling stops.

We started in mild temps – 60F/15C – but it quickly cooled with what you might call a wet mist or a sprinkle. Enough to raise a slight rooster tail of spray off the tyres. Every now and then there’d be a tantalizing glimpse of blue but it stayed overcast until afternoon.

Occasionally, we’d be mixed with the other riders, but mostly it was just the three of us. We saw the three Triumph riders a few times – I think that they also elected for fueling stops only – since we cruise at less than many of the multi-cylinder bikes participating. Although Keith’s GPS reported a max speed of 60+ when on a downhill and preparing for a long uphill!

The countryside gradually flattened and the roads straightened as we rode into Ohio. The sun came out properly as the afternoon progressed. Here’s a funny thing – I couldn’t even begin to tell you the route we took without looking at a map afterwards. The navigation chart focuses on turn by turn instructions and not place names – so between that and making sure I’m doing everything right by the bike – I have no time to read the “Welcome to X Population Y” signs.

But there is always time to see the scenery and we definitely saw some very pretty villages and towns.

My front brake is wearing in nicely. When I started it literally could not stop me pushing the bike against it. Now I can use it to modulate speed coming up to stops, and so save the rear brake for the unexpected. Keith reports the same.

Arriving in Bowling Green, we were again greeted by enthusiastic crowds. We lined the bikes up and we got a lot of attention. Best of all – Suzi Greenway the INOA President turned up plus three local Norton chapters – heard so much about her and it was an absolute pleasure to meet up. It’s definitely one of the highlights to meet fellow enthusiasts.

The sun is setting, we are now on Central time, and the team is a well oiled machine…… in more than one sense where some folks are concerned. But no names, no pack drill !

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