Results after the Prologue and two stages…..

Early days of course but the main thing is we haven’t dropped any points. In fact there are 75 bikes that can say the same thing.

So – within those 75 – the rankings take into account class, division and age. Class I are single cylinder/single speed, Class II are either single cylinder/multi-speed or multi-cylinder/single speed. Class III are multi-cylinder/multi-speed. Our bikes are single cylinder with three speed transmissions.

So Richard is in Class II, Century Division with his 1915, and Keith and I are in Class II, 90+ Division with our ’24 and ’23 respectively.

Meaning that Keith and I are 3rd and 2nd in our 90 division with a 1920 Triumph ahead of us as it’s older. Coincidentally it’s the one we helped by offering our mill/lathe to turn a new chain tensioner. Overall we are 17th and 16th with the other two Triumphs behind us – again by dint of their relative youth. It’s fun to have the Brit iron rivalry but it’s also cool that we are working together.

Richard is in 12th overall but faces a stiff battle in the Century Division due to the presence of the big vee-twins and four cylinder machines. They can cruise at a considerably higher speed – as much as 15-20mph – which gives them much more time to solve the unexpected. If the classes had stayed in the specifications previously announced – where all that counted was the number of cylinders – Richard would now be in fourth place!


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