Stage 2 Ride

Ok so I’ve decided to restart my numbering (again) – first I started with Day 1, Day 2 etc then I switched to Ride 1 etc but I started with the Prologue Ride and the Cannonball website starts with Ride 1 being the Saturday ride from Portland to Maine……

So – to be in sync – today’s Ride was stage 2 from Keene NH to Binghamton NY. 251 miles of bliss – and the Silver Norton’s came home ahead of schedule. We rode through red barn country – rolling hills, lonely houses, picturesque villages. It was the day that things started to gel for me – and I really enjoyed it.

Woke at 540am, clean up and pack, fire up the bikes and ride to the starting point at a different hotel. We could only get our route maps at 7am so there was time to chat and slurp coffee. Loaded the maps in the map boxes and we were out at 730am in a cold overcast.

Very nice run to Bennington and a visit to the Hemmings Motorcycle Museum for coffee and doughnuts.

Then we were on our way – electing to eat mobile rather than stop for lunch. So granola bars and water were the soup du jour. As I said earlier – the landscape was lovely and we got into a nice rhythm. It was noticeable that we did a lot more climbing then descending.

We would still have made it with time to spare even had we stopped for lunch, but forward progress was temporarily halted by a broken valve spring. Fixed in a matter of minutes – it allowed Richard bragging rights on the vintage tool he bought on eBay expressly for the purpose. (Shown below with Ryan using it to check our handiwork).

We rolled into Binghamton in style and were greeted again by enthusiastic crowds (I could get used to this). To make it even better; Richard Boothman came over from Philly to see us, plus Shelby and Gloria and Alton tagged my helmet. Great, great day.


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